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What Shall We Do Now?
From the Prince of Wales
To the Shepherd's Bush Exhibition.
Have             Awning Prepared Next
Wednesday Evening Kindly Send Tickets All           Family Coming
In calling out the twelve letters which are to be used in the telegram, it is well to avoid the unusual consonants and to have a vowel here and there.
An amusing variety is for all the players to compose telegrams on the same subject ; the subject being given beforehand. Thus it might be decided that all the telegrams should be sent from Harry Lauder to Mrs. Gamp inquiring her views as to the leg-before-wicket question in cricket. Then having completed these messages, the answers may also be prepared, using the same letters. But, of course, as in all games, family matters work out more amusingly than public ones.
Paper is handed round, and each player thinks of some public person, or friend or acquaintance of the company, and writes in full his or her Christian name (or names) and surname. Then, for, say, five minutes, a character sketch of the person chosen has to be composed, each word of which begins with the initial letter of each of the person's names, repeated in their right order until the supply of thought gives out or time is up. Thus, suppose the person chosen is Frank Richard Stockton, the American story writer. The character sketch might run :
F ancifully R ecounts S trange F reakish R omantic S tories. F inds R isibility S urely. F requently R aises S miles.
An occasional "and" and "of" may be dropped in if necessary. Where one of the names begins with a vowel (such as William Ewart Gladstone) the character sketch can be made to run more easily.
It is sometimes more amusing to give every one the same names to work on ; and in some houses the players are not allowed to choose names for themselves, but must pass the paper
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