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What Shall We Do Now?               59
one you know, such as Uncle Frank, or a public person, such as the vicar or Mr. John Burns. This in turn is folded over and the papers are passed on. The word " met" is understood to be inserted at this point. That is to say, the completed story will tell how Handsome Uncle Frank met some one. The next thing (3) is to put down an adjective suitable to apply to the woman whom he met, such as " Buxom," and then (4) the woman's name, again either some one you know, such as Cousin Susan, or a public person, such as Christabel Pankhurst—the papers being folded and passed on after every writing. The remaining items are these :—(5) The place where they met—say, on the pier. (6) What he said to her—say, " I hope your neuralgia is better." (7) What she said to him—say, " There's nothing like rain for the crops." (8) What the consequence was—say, " They were married." (9) What the world said—" All's well that ends well."
It must be remembered that unless there are very few players, when it is less fun, you do not get the chance of writing more than once, or at most twice, on the same sheet of paper, so that it is of no use to have a reasonable series of remarks in your mind. The specimen given above is an average one. In print nothing could be much less funny, but when the company has the spirit of " Consequences," even so tame a story as this might keep the room merry. The game is always full of the unexpected, and the people who meet each other are almost sure to be laughing-stocks. The results are often better if all the papers are handed to one player to read.
The form of " Consequences " above given is the ordinary one and the simplest. But in certain families the game has been altered and improved by other clauses. We give the fullest form of " Consequences " with which we are acquainted. As it stands it is rather too long ; but players may like to add to the fun of the ordinary game by adopting a few of these additions:—
Consequences extended.
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