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What Shall We Do Now?               61
in reading through the story and bringing it to an end, sometimes a difficult enough task. If six persons are playing and allow­ances of five minutes have been given, there will be at the end of thirty-five minutes six complete stories to read aloud.
A variety of the story game is for each player to write the name of a well-known person or friend of the family on the top of the paper, fold it over, and pass it on. This happens, say, five times, which means that when the papers are opened the names of five persons will be found on each. A story has then to be written introducing these people.
Another story game is one in which each player attempts to tell the most improbable or impossible story. In this case the papers are not passed on, but a certain amount of time is given for the stories to be written in.
This is a rather elaborate but really very easy game to play. One player, who acts as editor, takes as many sheets of paper as there are players and writes at the head of each the title of a section of a newspaper. Thus on one he will write, Paris Correspondence; on another, American Correspondence ; on another, Berlin Correspondence ; on a fourth, Court Circular ; on a fifth, Our Fashion Page ; on a sixth, Reviews ; on a seventh, Weather Report ; and so on. Each player then, for a given time, writes on the subject allotted to him, more or less in the manner of the daily press, and at the end the result is read aloud by the editor.
The plan is easily adapted to family or village life. The heading may refer to domestic matters, such as Nursery Corre­spondence, Kitchen Gossip, Fashions for Gentlemen (an account of father's new suit), Garden News, Village Chatter, and so on. Or, instead of a newspaper, a popular magazine may be contri­buted, with illustrations.
Another story game
Improbable stories.
The newspaper.
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