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Paper cricket.
62                What Shall We Do Now?
Mr. Algernon Locker, in a little cricket book called Willow and Leather, gives the following description of a novel game :—" Even paper cricket has its attractions. In the long winter evenings, when one ought to have been doing one's lessons, how pleasant it was to prepare with a friend for a tremendous match. The sides were chosen—England v. Australia, or Gentlemen v. Players,— and the next thing was to make the wheel of fortune. This was a disc of paper divided into compartments, each of which was marked with some possible event, such as ' bowled,' ' caught,' 'run out,' ' leg-bye,' 'wide,' 'no-ball,' 'one,' 'two,' 'three,' ' four.' The centre of the disc was transfixed with a pin. It was spun round as each ball was supposed to be bowled, and then pen or pencil (a pencil for choice, for the pen made so many blots that the legends on the compartments were soon blurred, and one might mistake ' leg-bye' for ' run out' or some such enormity) was dabbed down as it spun, and the result entered in the score."
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