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66               What Shall We Do Now?
game, when each player counts his words and the owner of the greatest number is the winner. If, however, a word has been chosen which, by the addition of another letter or so from the middle of the table, can be transformed into a longer word, the player who thinks of this longer word takes the shorter word from the other player and places it before himself. Thus, A might see the word " seat" among the letters, and calling it out, place it before him ; and then B, noticing another " t," might call out " state," and adding it to A's word, take that to himself. If, however, A then detected an " e" in the middle and called out " estate" the word would be his again. These losses and reconquests form the chief fun of the game. An " s " at the end of a word, forming a plural, is not allowed.
Many games of "Patience" can be played as well with numbered
cards as with ordinary playing cards. It does not matter much
what size they are, but for convenience, in playing on a small
table, they may as well be about an inch wide and two inches
long, with the number at the top. Thus :
A " Patience " set consists of four packs of cards each containing four sets of thirteen cards numbered from I to 13. These can
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