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68               What Shall We Do Now?
the cards go to the player who says " Snap" first. As it is sometimes difficult for the players to distinguish which says "Snap" first, it is well to have an umpire. In the case of an undoubted dead-heat the game should go on as if nothing had happened. The player who won the cards gathers up also into his hand all the cards which were before him and continues the game. When a player has transferred all his cards from his hand to the table he waits until his turn comes and then takes them into his hand again. This is a very exciting moment, because, if his top card were snapped, then he would lose everything.
In good " Snap " packs there are several sets of cards which are intentionally made nearly but not absolutely alike, and it is very common to say " Snap " by mistake when one of these turns up. In that case the cards of the player who cried " Snap " are placed in the middle of the table, where they stay until some one turns up a card exactly like the top one and " Snap Centre " is called, when both the centre pack and the pack in front of the turner-up belong to the player who cried " Snap Centre." It may of course be the turner-up himself, but is very likely somebody else, because whereas under ordinary conditions only the owners of similar cards may cry " Snap," when there are cards in the middle too any one may cry " Snap Centre." (In some houses any one may cry " Snap " all through the game, but that is not the best way.)
When a player has lost all his cards he is out of the game until there are cards in the middle again, when an opportunity comes of snap-centring them and getting into play again. The game goes on until one player has all the cards.
In " Grab," a very rowdy variety of " Snap," a cork is placed in the middle of the table. The rules are the same as in " Snap," except that, instead of saying " Snap," you snatch for the cork ; in the case of " Snap Centre," snatching and saying " Centre " too.
" Snap" cards may just as well be home-made as bought. They either can be painted, in which case you must be careful
Snap cards.
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