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What Shall We Do Now?               69
that the sets of four articles are just alike, or you can cut out shapes of different coloured paper and stick them on. A bundle of wall-paper patterns is splendid material for a pack. The only advantage that bought " Snap " cards have over home-made ones is that they slip better.
This game can be played by any number, either with a home­made pack or with ordinary playing cards from which three of the queens have been taken away ; the remaining queen being the old maid. The cards are then dealt and each player first weeds out all pairs, such as two knaves, two aces, two fives, and so on. All having done this, the player who begins offers her hand, with the cards face downwards, to her neighbour, and her neigh­bour takes one. She then looks through her cards to see if it pairs with any that she already has, and, if it does, throws the pair on the table. Having finished her examination she offers her cards in the same way to the next player, and so it goes on. As the possessor of the old maid card is, at the end, the loser of the game, each one who gets it does all in her power to induce the next player to take it. As the cards get fewer and fewer the excitement grows and grows.
" Old Bachelor " is played in the same way, except that three of the kings are then thrown out.
" Pig " is a very noisy game. It is played with ordinary cards, unless you like to make a " Pig " set, which would be very easy. Having discovered how many persons want to play, you treat the pack accordingly. For instance, if five want to play you throw out all cards except five sets of four ; if six, or three, you throw out all cards except six sets of four or three sets of four. Thus, if five were playing, the cards might consist of four aces, four twos, four threes, four fours, and four fives ; or, if you began at the other end, four kings, four queens, four knaves, four tens, and four nines. The cards are shuffled and dealt round, four each,
Old maid
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