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72                 What Shall We Do Now?
to Fuller's for a------, and to Jay's for a------. " It's too dear," said Miss
Flitters. " Give me a ------ instead." At the stores they inspected ------.
" Haven't you anything fresher?" asked Miss Flitters: "I'd as soon buy a
------." None the less she bought two and slipped them into her reticule,
adding as a little gift for the cook a------.
The party began at six o'clock. The first to come was Miss Kitters. "You don't mind my bringing my work, I know, dear," she exclaimed ; " I'm em­broidering a------for the natives of Madagascar, and it must be done soon." Miss
Litters came next, and being rather short-sighted, sat down on a------. " Never
mind," said Miss Flitters. " Oh, I don't," she replied, " but it would have been
more comfortable if it had been a------." Miss Mitters came just as the clock
struck. She was wearing a charming------trimmed with------. " What per­fect taste she has!" the others murmured. Miss Nitters followed. Miss Nitters was the exact opposite of Miss Mitters in all matters relating to dress.
She had no taste at all, and was wearing merely a------with pompons attached,
and in place of earrings a couple of ------. " So fast!" whispered Miss
Litters. Miss Pitters, Miss Ritters, and Miss Titters each brought a present.
Miss Pitters's present was a silver-plated------. " So useful for the toilet table,"
she said. Miss Ritters's was a Japanese------, a piece of exquisite workman­ship ; while Miss Titters produced from her pocket a brown paper parcel
which turned out to contain a very choice------, an heirloom in the Titters
family for centuries. " I didn't know whether to bring this or a------," she
said ; "but Father decided me. Father always knows best."
When all were assembled, the guests sat down to supper. But here an awkward thing happened. "If you please, mum," the cook was heard to
whisper in a loud voice, " the------hasn't come. Shall I get a------instead ? "
" Yes," said Miss Flitters, " that will do very well. Don't you think so, Miss
Pitters?" "I think," was the reply, "I should prefer------." It was none
the less an excellent and generous repast. Opposite Miss Flitters was a
noble------, flanked by a------and a------. At the foot of the table was a
dish of------. "I never tasted anything so delicious in my life," said Miss
Mitters, taking a large helping of ------. " Oh !" said Miss Glitters, " you
should try the------. It's yumps." The first course was followed by sweets,
the most imposing of which was a wonderful frosted------with Miss Flitters's
name in pink sugar. " You must all have a piece," said the hostess, " but I'm afraid it's rather rich."
After supper came games, "Blind Man's Bui'f" and "Hunt the Slipper,"
but as no one cared to lend a slipper, they used instead a------, and it did very
well. At midnight the party broke up, the guests saying that they never had spent a pleasanter evening. As a protection against the cold Miss Flitters
gave them each a hot------. She then hurried to bed and dreamed all night
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