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The players sit in a long row, as if in class at school. The one that acts as schoolmaster asks sharply, beginning at one end, " The name of the letter ?" " A," says the player. The schoolmaster turns to the next player, "The name of the ship?" and straightway begins to count ten very quickly and sternly. " Andromeda," is perhaps rapped out before he reaches that number. " The name of the captain ? " " Alfred." " The name of the cargo ? " " Armour." " The port she comes from ?" " Amsterdam." " The place she is bound for ? " " Antananarivo." " The next letter ? " " B," and so on. If the schoolmaster is very strict and abrupt with his questions and counting, he can drive every idea from the mind of the person he points at. If he counts ten before an answer comes, he passes on to the next, and the next, and the next, until the answer is given. The one who gives it moves up above those that failed. The game should be played rapidly.
This is not played now as once it was. In the old way the players sat in a line and went steadily through the alphabet, each one taking a letter in order. This was the form :" I love my love with an A, because he is [a favourable adjective beginning with A]. I hate him with an A because he is [an unfavour-
The ship alphabet.
I love ?ny love.
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