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What Shall We Do Now?               81
parts of the room, seated closely in circles. As many players as there are clumps then go out and decide on some extremely out-of-the-way thing which the clumps have to guess. In one game, for example, the pig was thought of from which was cut the bristles which formed the brush with which Mr. Thomas Sidney Cooper, R.A., painted his first picture. That is the kind of far-fetched and ingenious thing. When it is decided upon, the players return to the room and take their places, one in the midst of each clump. Questions are then put to them the answers to which must be either "Yes" or "No," and the clump that discovers the thing first is the winner.
The same game can be played without such keen rivalry, one player sitting in the midst of a great circle and answering questions in turn. There is also a game called " Man and Object," in which two players go out and decide upon a man (or woman) and something inanimate or not human with which he is associ­ated or which he is known to have used, such as " Washington and his hatchet," "Whittington and his cat," "A druid and his mistletoe-knife." They then return and each player asks them each a question in turn until the problem is solved.
The same game is sometimes turned inside out, the players that remain in the room deciding upon some one whom the player that has gone out has to personate and discover. In this case it is he who puts the questions. As he is supposed for the time being actually to be the thing thought of, he ought to frame his questions accordingly : " Am I living ? " " Have I been dead long?" " Am I a man ? " and so forth.
This is a catch game and useless except when one of the company knows nothing about it. That player is sent out of the room, and after a due interval is called in again and told to guess what the other players have thought of. He may ask any questions he pleases that can be answered by " Yes " or " No. " The thing
Other Yes and No games.
My right-hand neighbour.
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