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How, when, and where.
82               What Shall We Do Now?
thought of is each player's right-hand neighbour, who is of course so different in every case as to lead in time to the total bewilder­ment of the guesser.
One player leaves the room, while the others decide on some word, the name of a thing for choice (such as tale, tail), which has one pronunciation but two or three different meanings and perhaps spellings. They then sit in a circle or line and the other player is called in, his object being, by means of questions put in turn to each player, to discover what the word is. His questions must take the form, " How do you like it ? " " When do you like it ? " and " Where do you like it ? " Let us suppose that " tale " is the word thought of. " How do you like it ? " he will ask the first of the circle. The answer may be, " I like it amusing " (tale). " How do you like it ? " he may ask the next. " I like it active " (tail). To the next, "When do you like it?" "I like it at night " (tale). To the next, " Where do you like it ? " " At the end " (tail). To the next, " Where do you like it ? " " In an arm­chair" (tale). And so on until he guesses the word.
A similar game is called " Coffee-Pot" or " Tea-Pot" In this case also the company think of a word with more than one meaning, but instead of answering questions about it they make a pretence of introducing it into their answers by putting the word " coffee-pot" in its place. As the player who is guessing is at liberty to put any kind of question he likes, it is well to choose a word that will go easily into ordinary conversation. Let us suppose, for instance, that the word is rain, reign, rein. The questions and answers may run something like this :—" Are you feeling pretty well to-day ? " "I always feel well when there is no coffee-pot" (rain). " Have you been reading anything inter­esting lately ?" " Yes, a very interesting book on the present coffee-pot" (reign). " I hope your toothache is better." " Thank you, I hope its coffee-pot will soon be over " (reign). " Did you
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