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What Shall We Do Now?                83
walk here this evening ?" " No ; we came with the assistance of the coffee-pot" (rein). The guesser is allowed to make three guesses aloud, but after that he must meditate on the word in silence or put questions to test his theories. If the word is a verb and a past tense or present tense has to be used in an answer, the player says " coffee-potted " or " coffee-potting."
This is much like " How, When, and Where," except that instead of asking questions the player, or players, that went out sit still and listen to the others talking to each other concerning the selected word's various meanings. Thus, if it is " Spring," the first may remark, " It makes our drives so much more comfortable " ; the next, " I am always happier then than at any other time " ; the next, " To drink there is to know what drinking really is " ; and so on.
This is also a similar game to " How, When, and Where," except that the player who goes out of the room has, on his re­turn, to guess something belonging to one of these three groups. His first question therefore is, "Is it animal?" Perhaps it is not. " Is it vegetable ? " " No." He knows then that it is mineral, and after that to find out what it is is only a matter of time.
One or two players go out. The others sit in line and choose a proverb having as many words as there are players. Thus, if there were eight players, " They love too much who die for love " would do ; or if more than eight, two short proverbs might be chosen. Each player having made certain what his word is, the others are called in. It is their duty to find out what proverb has been fixed upon, and the means of doing so is to ask each player in turn a question on any subject whatever, the answer to which must contain that player's word in the proverb. If the first round of questions does not reveal the proverb, they go round again and again.
Throwing light.
Animal, vegetable, and mineral,
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