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What Shall We Do Now?               85
through the alphabet for verbs—bay, bray, lay, neigh, pay, prey, pray, play, stay, say ; and act them in order. When the word is wrong the spectators hiss, but when right they clap. If the word chosen has two syllables, as " obey," notice ought to be given.
A very simple game. One player goes out. The others decide on some workman to represent, each pretending to do some different task belonging to his employment. Thus, if they choose a carpenter, one will plane, one will saw, one will hammer, one will chisel, and so on. Their occupation has then to be guessed. It is perhaps more interesting if each player chooses a separate trade.
One player goes out. The others then say in turn something personal about him—such as, " He has a pleasant voice" ; " His eye is piercing"; " He would look better if he wore a lower collar." Those remarks are written down by one of the party, and the player is called in and placed on a chair in the middle. The recorder then reads the remarks that he has collected, and the player in the middle has to name the persons who made them.
A dust sheet, or a screen made of newspapers, is hung up, and two holes, a little larger than eyes and the same distance apart, are made in it. Half the players retire to one side of it, and half stay on the other. They then look through the holes in turn, while those on the opposite side try to name the owner of the eyes. The game sounds tame, but the difficulty of recognition and the false guesses made soon lead to laughter.
This is a trick. Those in the company who have never played the game go out of the room. One of the inside players, who is to represent the potentate, then mounts a chair and is covered with a sheet which reaches to the ground. At the point where it
Stool of repentance.
Making obeisance.
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