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86               What Shall We Do Now?
touches a shoe is placed, the toe of which is just visible. Jn the potentate's hand is a sponge full of water. One of the players outside is then invited in ; he is told to kneel down and kiss the toe ; the potentate on the chair leans forward a little to bring his sponge immediately over the subject's head ; and a shower-bath follows. Then another subject is admitted, but after a while there is enough water on the floor to make them suspicious.
Another trick. The players who are to be mesmerised— among them being the one or two who do not know the game— stand in a row, each holding a dinner-plate in the left hand. The mesmeriser, who also has a dinner-plate, faces them, and impresses on them very seriously the importance, if they really want to be mesmerised, of doing exactly what he does and not moving their eyes from him in any direction. He then holds the plate flat, rubs the first finger of his right hand on the bottom of it, and makes an invisible cross on his forehead, on each cheek, and on the tip of his nose. That is all. The trick lies in the fact that the plates of the players who do not know the game have been held in the flame of a candle until they are well blacked. This means that when the mesmerism is over they each have black marks on their faces, and know nothing about it until they are led to a looking-glass.
In all thought-reading games it is best that only the two performers should know the secret. Of these two, one goes out of the room and the other stays in, after having first arranged on the particular trick which will be used. Perhaps the company will then be asked to settle on a trade. Let us say that they decide on a chemist. The other player is then called in, and his companion puts questions to him in this way:—" You have to name the trade which we have thought of. Is it a grocer ?" " No." " Is it a draper ? " " No." " Is it a goldsmith ? " " No." "Is it a fruiterer?" "No." " Is it a lawyer ? " "No." " Is it
Thought-reading tricks.
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