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What Shall We Do Now?
Guessing quantities.
with catkins in his buttonhole, HazelVs Annual. But simpler devices are just as interesting.
In other guessing competitions the preparations are the affair of the household which gives the party. It is with these that we are concerned here. Giving prizes certainly adds to the interest of them.
Several articles of number are placed on a table, say a box of matches, a bag of cowries, a reel of cotton or ball of string, a large stone, a stick, a photograph, and various coins with the date side turned down. Each of the company is provided with a card on which these articles are written, and the object is to guess as nearly as possible something about each ; for instance, how many matches there are in the box, how many cowries in the bag, the length of the string, the weight of the stone, the length of the stick, the age of the person in the photograph, and the date of each coin. The right answers are, of course, ascer­tained beforehand and written on a card in the hostess's possession.
The real name of this game may be something else, but " Observation" explains it. A small table is covered with a variety of articles, to the extent of some twenty or thirty. It is then covered with a cloth and placed in the middle of the room. The players stand round it and the cloth is removed for a minute (or longer). During that time the aim of each player is to note and remember as many of the things as possible. The cloth is then put on again and the players have five minutes in which to write the fullest list they can of the objects seen.
A more puzzling competition is to place a row of large bottles on the table, all numbered, at the bottom of each of which is a small amount of liquid bearing a noticeable scent. Some may be toilet scents, and others medicines or essences used in cooking. A card numbered according to the bottles is given to
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