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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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What Shall We Do Now?
each player, and the game is to guess as many of the scents as possible.
Many recent parties have included a florin examination ; but The florin of course to have been in for one already, or to have seen the exam. answers, is to make this game impossible for you. The answers are therefore not given here. These are the questions, which are written on a card and handed to each player with a new florin :—
Each player writes the answer on the card opposite the ques­tion. Half an hour, say, is given, and at the end the examiner reads out the answers. Those that have them right note the fact on the card, and the winner is either permitted to retain the florin or is awarded another prize. The competition has already won so much favour that it cannot be tried much more. But
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