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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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ioo             What Shall We Do Now?
begin to play, when suddenly they catch sight of the frog, who has been hidden there. He makes fearful sounds and horrible grimaces, and frightens the children so much that they run home. The mother is very angry with them ; she sends them away again, and threatens to beat them should they come back before dinner. The children return timidly to the field where the frog still sits. His grimaces are more horrible and the sounds he makes more fearful. They rush home again helter-skelter, and their indignant mother gives them a sound beating and forces them to go out again. This time, as they reach the field, the frog jumps up and races after them. The one who is caught before reaching home becomes frog.
Many of the games described in other parts of this book are good also for the garden ; such as " Puss in the Corner" (p. 6), " Honey-pots" (p. 10), "Nuts in May" (p. 11), " Here I Bake" (p. 12), "Lady Queen Anne" (p. 17), "The Mulberry Bush" (p. 24), and " Looby, Looby " (p. 24).
" Witches" is a home-made game played thus, according to the description of E. H. :" One player is made witch. A good spot is chosen for home, and here the others wait until the witch has had time to hide. The idea is that the country round is preyed upon by the witch, home being the only place where she has no power. The rest of the children have to explore the witch's country without being caught by her. It must be a point of honour to leave no suspicious place unexamined. The child chosen for witch need not be a particularly fast runner, but she must be clever and a good dodger. Any one that the witch succeeds in touching is at once turned to stone and may not stir except as she is moved about by the witch, who chooses a spot to stand her victim in as far removed from home as possible. The stone can be released only by some other child finding her and dragging her safely home, where the spell ceases to act. But
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