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using only the hand. In placing the out-field, the " feeder "—01 player who " serves " the ball to the striker—should post a man at each of the distant bases and should throw the ball to him to put a running man out rather than throw at the running man himself. To throw at the player running the first base and the last is all right, because the feeder's distance from him is small.
The first thing to learn in " Marbles" is the way that the marble should be held, as shown in the picture on p. 111. Of course one can have very good games by bowling the marble, as if it were a ball, or holding it between the thumb-nail and the second joint of the first finger and shooting it with the thumb from there; but these ways are wrong. Marbles are divided into " taws," or well-made strong marbles with which you shoot, and " clays," or the ordinary cheap coloured marbles at which you aim and with which you pay your losses.
Two or three boys with marbles could never have difficulty in hitting on a game to play with them, but the best regular game for several players is " Ring Taw." A chalk ring is made on as level a piece of ground as there is, and each player puts a clay on it at regular distances from each other. A line from which to shoot during the first round is then drawn two yards or so from the ring, and the game begins by the player who has won the right of leading off (a real advantage) knuckling down on the line and shooting at one of the marbles in the ring. If a player knocks a marble out of the ring, that marble is his and he has the right to shoot again from the place where his taw comes to a stand ; but if in knocking a marble out of the ring his taw remains in it (or if his taw remains in it under any con­dition whatever), he has to put all the marbles he has won into the ring, in addition to one for a fine, and take up his taw and play no more till the next game. There is one exception to this rule: If only one marble is left in the ring, and if, in knocking it
Ring taw.
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