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112              What Shall We Do Now?
A garden railway.
A flagstaff.
ever one places his taw nearest to the middle of the ring has the right to lead.
A garden railway is, as a rule, made less for the trains than the signals. Few people possess engines, but it is very easy to make a series of signal-posts and fix them at various points in the garden, with a signal-box, where the strings are pulled, some­where near the house.
If you can get permission, and some help from a carpenter or any one who knows the sea, it is a fine thing to have a flag­staff in the garden and a flag or two to fly on great occasions, such as the Queen's Birthday, and Trafalgar Day, and your own birthday, and on the first day of the holidays. The cost is next to nothing, for (unless you have a more elaborate one with a cross-tree), you want only a pole, some rope, and a pulley, and the flag can easily be made at home or bought for a few pence.
Other garden games for boys will be found in the next, or Picnic, section. We might mention also " Steps " (p. 4), " Tug of War" (p. 33), and "Potato Races" (p. 34).
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