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The most important thing about a picnic is water for tea. Usually there is a cottage near the place, where water may be drawn, and possibly where it may be boiled too ; otherwise water has to be taken. It is always well to find out beforehand about water. Many a picnic has been spoiled for want of this preparation ; people baulked of their tea, or kept waiting for it until over-tired, being poor company. Milk has also to be thought of in advance. Two things which are usually very necessary at a picnic are a corkscrew and a box of what are called flaming vestas—matches which will keep alight in a wind. There cannot be too clear an understanding as to who is to take food, and what kind and amount each is to take. Many squires and landowners have shut their parks to picnic parties because of the hateful mess of paper and bottles which was found after they had left.
For a short time " He " is a good warming game. It is the simplest of all games. The " He " runs after the others until he touches one. The one touched then becomes " He."
The name explains the game, which is played as " He" is played, except that you can be caught only when you are not touching wood. It is a good game where there are trees. It is, of course, not fair to carry a piece of wood.
This is the ordinary " Tag," save that if, while the " He " is
He, touch last, or tag.
Touchwood. Cross tag.
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