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The little dog.
Hunt the squirrel.
116             What Shall We Do Now?
chasing one player, another runs across the trail between him and the pursued, the " He " has to abandon the player he was at first after and give chase to the one who has crossed.
The players form a ring, leaving one outside, who passes round it singing, " I have a little dog and he won't bite you," and as he does so, touching each player in turn with a knotted pocket-handkerchief. " And he won't bite you," " And he won't bite you," he calls to one after the other, and then suddenly changes this to " But he will bite you." The player touched when this is said has to run after the toucher with all his might. When caught they change places.
All the players except one join a ring. This one, with a knotted handkerchief in his hand, walks round the outside of the ring for a while, and then, dropping the handkerchief behind one of the players, runs off crying—
Hunt the squirrel through the wood. Now I've lost him—now I've found him ! Hunt the squirrel through the wood.
The player behind whom the handkerchief was dropped must catch the squirrel before he can take up the empty place in the ring left by the pursuer. It is more fun if, in dropping the handkerchief, it can be done without the player discovering it for a little while.
The players form a ring : all except one, who is He. This one runs round the ring and touches one of the players in the circle. They both set off running immediately in opposite direc­tions, the object of each being to get first to the gap made in the circle by the player who was touched. The one who gets to the gap first remains in the circle, while the other becomes He.
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