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What Shall We Do Now?              119
The game is opened by several of the A side running out to some point immediately in front of the two camps. When ready they call " Chevy." As many of the B side then start out to pursue them, each calling his particular quarry by name. The object of each A man is either to get back before the B man who is after him can catch him, or to tempt the B man into ground so near the A camp that he may be caught. In this aim he is helped by the fact that directly his B pursuer called his name and started out another A man probably called out the name of the B man and started to cut him off. No one is allowed to be pursued by two players at once.
If caught, the A man has to go to the place reserved for B's prisoners. Directly he gets there he calls " Rescue " ; an A man will then call " Prisoner," and rush out to relieve him ; while a B runner is all ready to intercept this A rescuer if he can.
The game is good both for runners who can keep it up a long time and for those who can make short, sharp dashes. The first named decoy the enemy out in pursuit, and the others hold themselves ready to dash across in front of the enemy's camp and cut off any one who is across the line. The rule as to shouting the name of the man you have marked down should be kept.
If there is more than one prisoner they stand just touching hands, in a line which reaches as far as possible towards their own camp, so that the distance between the first prisoner and the rescuer may be shortened. Each new prisoner takes up his place at the back of this line, farthest from the camp. A prisoner is rescued by being touched.
If one side is much weaker than the other a time comes when it is nearly all taken prisoner, with none to rescue except by leaving the camp undefended. Directly a camp is left undefended one of the enemy steps in and " crowns " it and claims the game. More often than not, however, a game of " Chevy" is left undecided. It does not matter in the least, for in this game the fun is more in playing than in winning.
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