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ON country walks, where there is much to see, one should not be in need of ways to make the time seem shorter. And new walks in the town, or walks where there are interesting shop-windows, are not dull. But the same walks again and again can be very tiring ; and it is to help these that the methods which follow have been collected.
A good walking pastime for two is for one to drive the other. Hoops are a great help (see page 128) and so are dolls' perambu≠lators. But on many walks nothing of this kind is allowed, and one has to fall back on conversation. Telling stories in turns, or making up stories about passers-by, is useful, but it is not every one that is able to do this.
In the Channel Islands visitors riding about in large wagonettes pass the time by playing a game called " Roadside Whist." The people on the left seat of the carriage take the right side of the road, and those on the right seat take the left. The conductor teaches them the rules at the beginning of the drive. In our case it is better perhaps to make them for ourselves, to suit our own particular country. Let us suppose tható
If you see
A baby in arms                      you score      . . 1
A baby in a perambulator ,,                                 3
A white horse ,,            .          . 5
A ladder against a house ,,                                  2
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