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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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What Shall We Do Now?
No matter what the score is, whichever side sees a cat on a window-ledge wins the game.
Counting dogs.
In a town there are other varieties of roadside whist for two players or sides. Counting dogs is one. In this game one takes all the streets leading from the left, the other all from the right.
Guessing horses' tails.
A good game (writes E. R.) while out for a walk is " when you see a horse coming, guess what colour his tail is before he can reach you, and then, whoever guesses right, the horse belongs to him."
Except in very dull streets shop-windows can be always entertaining. It is interesting to suppose you have so much money—say five shillings—to spend, or, if you like, an unlimited sum, and choose what you would buy as you pass each shop. E. H. writes :—" One little girl used to suppose that she was the eldest of a large family whom she had to provide for, and was always on the look-out for things in the shops that would do for her younger brothers and sisters. For instance, if she decided that the family must have new winter clothes, she would first
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