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126              What Shall We Do Now?
cat," " An adhesive cat," " An arrogant cat," and "An attractive cat," will follow. A is kept up until no one can think of any more ; or—if you play in that way—until no one can think of any more while ten is being counted. Then B : " A bushy cat," " A bruised cat," " A bellicose cat," " A bumptious cat," and so on.
In this game the players each contribute a letter towards the spelling of a word, their object being never to be the one to complete it, but to force the next player to do so. Thus (with iour players) the first player may say " p," and the next, thinking of " prim," may say " r," and the next, also thinking of " prim," may say " i." But the fourth player, running his thoughts quickly over possible words beginning with " pri," may light upon " prism " and say " s." This saves her, but puts the first player in danger, which is only averted by her thinking of " prison " and saying " o," in which case the next one is bound to be the loser.
A favourite old game which can be played as well on a walk as indoors is " The Grand Mogul." " The Grand Mogul does not like E's," says one player ; " what will you give him for dinner ? " Each player answers in turn, but none of the dishes named must contain the letter E, or the player either stands out, or (indoors) pays a forfeit. Thus, the answers to the question may be " apricots," " mutton," or " soup," but not " apples," " beef," or " porridge." On a walk the letter E might be persevered with until every one failed, and then the other vowels might be tried.
This is a counting game in which, whenever the number 7 comes, or a multiple of 7, such as 14, 2 I, 28, 35, or a number with 7 in it, such as 17, 27, 37, the player whose turn it is must say " Buz." Otherwise, out-of-doors, he loses a round or two, or, indoors, he must pay a forfeit. When 70 comes you say " Buz " in the ordinary way, but for 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, and 79 you say " Buz I," " Buz 2," and so on. For yj you say " Buz Buz."
The Grand Mogul.
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