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128              What Shall We Do Now?
Other games.
they sell isinglass " (or icicles, or ingle-nooks). " No," says the first player, and the third therefore has to try. Perhaps she decides that the place is Brighton, in which case she will say, " I know a place where they sell rockets " (or rump-steak, or raisins). " No," says the first player again, and then it being her turn she gives them another light on the right word by saying, " I know a place where they sell oranges " (or oil, or ocarinas), and so on, until the place is spelt through.
Other games suitable to be played when walking are " P's and Q's" (p. 77), "Suggestions" (p. 78), "Clumps" (p. 80), " How, When, and Where " (p. 82), " Coffee-Pot " (p. 82), " Throw­ing Light" (p. 83), and "Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral" (P- 33).
Iron hoops are the best, but it is a matter of taste whether a stick or a hook is used for them. If the stick is a stout one you get rid of the skidding noise made by the hook, and there is more satisfaction in beating a thing along than in, as it were, pushing it. It should be every one's aim to make the hoop do as much as possible with as little treatment as possible. After a very fast run it is equally interesting to see how slowly a hoop can be made to travel. To make it keep as straight a course as may be is very absorbing. Bought hoops can be strong, but to get exactly what one wants it is necessary to go to a blacksmith. A hoop standing as high as its owner, through which he can run to and fro as it rolls, is a possession which only a blacksmith or working-ironmonger can supply.
Hoop games are few in number, and, with the exception of " Posting," not very exciting. With a large hoop and a small hoop two players can learn to time the pace of a hoop very exactly and then bowl the little one through the big one as it rolls.
There is also a game called "Turnpikes," in which several players
Two in hoop games.
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