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A LONG journey in a train—say from London to Penzance— can, even if you have a window seat, be very tiring ; but without a window it is sometimes almost unendurable. The hints which follow are mostly adapted for two players, but one or two will be found useful if you are alone with no one to play with.
A map of the country which the train passes through is an interesting thing to have on a long journey. It tells you the names of the hills and villages you see from the windows, and you can very likely fix the exact moment that you cross from one county into another.
Two persons, each with a window at a different end of the carriage, can have good competitions. They can agree beforehand that the game is to go to whichever of them sees the more horses, or cows, or sheep, or men driving, or bicyclists, or rabbits, between two given points, say one station and the next. It is not necessary to be at different ends of the carriage ; in fact a new kind of excitement comes in if both are at the same window or at windows at the same end, because then in addition to seeing the things there is the fun of not letting the other think you have seen them.
The value oj a map.
Railway competitions
This is a kind of " Roadside Whist," the rules for which will Railway be found on page 123. As has been said there, most players will w^j/.
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