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What Shall We Do Now?              135
In most carriages a map of the line, with all the stations marked, is now fixed. If you have a watch it is rather interesting to guess the exact time at which the train will reach the next station. The one who guesses nearest becomes the holder of the watch until the next guess is decided. Other things can be done with a watch, particularly if it has a second hand. Guessing the length of a minute is rather interesting, or timing the speed of the train by noting how long it takes to go between the little quarter-mile posts at the side of the line.
It is well to take a pencil and paper when you go on a long journey. If the train rocks a good deal it is interesting to see which can write a sentence most clearly. There is a way of balancing oneself on the edge of the seat and holding the paper on one's knees which makes for steadiness. It is never too shaky for " Noughts and Crosses."
" Noughts and Crosses " is playable anywhere ; all that is needed is a piece of paper—a newspaper will do—and a pencil. The framework is first made. Thus :—
Games with a watch.
Pencils and paper.
Noughts and crosses.
One player chooses crosses and the other noughts, and the one who is to begin puts his mark—say, a cross—in one of the nine squares. The other puts a nought in another of the squares, and
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