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138              What Shall We Do Now?
This is a more difficult game, very suitable for a tiring journey. The two players sit side by side, and one of them dots out on a piece of paper the words of a proverb or well-known line of poetry. Thus, " I met a little cottage girl" would be set down in this way :
The game is for the other player to discover the line. In order to do this he is permitted to ask his opponent for letters. Perhaps he will begin by asking, " May I have an ' a,'" because there are few sentences that do not contain an " a." His opponent will then put the first " a " in. Thus :
Then perhaps another " a" will be asked for, and the line will come out thus :
Then perhaps an " e " :
So far all has gone favourably with the guesser, and the gallows is still untouched. But perhaps he will now venture to ask for a consonant (which is much more risky than a vowel), and will say, " May I have an ' s ' ? " As there is no " s " in the line
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