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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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What Shall We Do Now?
the reply will be against it, and the opponent will at once append to the rope of the gallows a small head. Thus :—
This means that the guesser has lost one out of a possible six points, the others being his body, his two arms and two legs. For each letter he asks for in vain he loses one of these, and when all have gone he has lost the game too. Sometimes, how­ever, the quotation can be detected very quickly.
Many games usually kept for the house can be played in the train ; but it depends largely on whether or not there are strangers in the carriage. " Old Maid " (see p. 69) is a good train game ; so is "Buz" (see p. 126) ; and for a carriageful of friends, "Up Jenkyns " (see p. 16). A "Fox and Geese" board, or a draught­board, will help to pass the time.
Food is a great help towards shortening a long journey. A little picnic every hour, if it is permitted, is something not too distant to look forward to, and it may take up ten minutes each time. A larger meal all at once may, of course, be more con­venient, but, if not, the hourly picnic is worth trying.
Other games.
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