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AMONG the best toys with which to play alone are " Bricks," "Soldiers," "Balls," "Battledore and Shuttlecock," and "Dolls." No one needs any hints as to how to play with them ; but it might be remarked that ordinary bought bricks being rarely what they should be, it is better, if possible, to get a carpenter to make some of a more useful size, say four inches long, one and a half inches wide, and an inch thick. With a hundred of these you can do almost anything in the way of building, and if made of tough wood they ought to last for ever.
A good game with soldiers is to see how many shots are required from a cannon to kill the whole regiment. The cannon can either be a spring cannon, or a pop-gun, or a pea-shooter, or a filliped marble. Just at first it is almost impossible not to clear off two or three men with each shot, but later it becomes more difficult and exciting.
With a box of ninepins very much the same game can be played. In wet weather, in the hall, a box of large ninepins is invaluable.
Of course bricks and soldiers and ninepins, as well as balls (see p. 107), are more interesting when more than one person plays; but one can pass the time very well with them.
Where toys become tedious, games have to be made up; and in making up games no outside help is needed. At the same
Bruce's heart.
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