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This chapter has been written more for readers who live in a town and visit the country only during the holidays than for those whose home is always there. Regular country dwellers do not need to be told many of the things that follow ; but none the less there may be a few to find them useful. The principal special attractions of the country are—
The most important thing to do when staying at a farm­house is to make friends with the principal people. The principal people are those in charge of the chickens and ducks, the cows and the horses. Perhaps there will also be an odd man and a boy. The way to make friends is to be as little trouble as possible.
On reaching the farm, it is well to make a journey of discovery, in order to learn where everything is. The more one knows about the things in store—the size of the barn, the height of the hayricks, the number of horses, the name of the watch-dog, the position and character of the pond, and so forth—the simpler will it be, on going to bed, to make plans for the visit.
The farmer's wife usually has charge of the chickens and
Making friends.
Finding hens' eggs
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