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A camera in the country.
174              What Shall We Do Now?
book in which you set down evening by evening all things seen during the day that seemed to be sufficiently out of the way to be worth recording.
Nothing is said in this book about amateur photography, be­cause to own a camera is still the exception rather than the rule, and if once we began to say anything practical about photography we should have to say very much more than the scheme of the volume permits. But we might urge any reader who has a camera to use it in the country in taking pictures of animal life and old buildings. Old-fashioned farmhouses and cottages are disappearing so rapidly that we ought to keep as many records of them as possible, and well-chosen photographs of animals are not only beautiful pictures, but are also very useful. Mr. Kearton's work in this way, which may be studied in With Nature and a Camera, is extremely valuable.
In the " Reading " chapter will be found the titles of several books which describe life in the country, and tell you all about the habits of animals, birds, and insects.
Country books.
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