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The most magnificent ready-made dolls' house in the world, with gables and windows, stairs, front garden, and the best furniture, cannot quite make up to its owner for all the delight she has missed by not making it herself. Of course some things, such as cups and saucers, glasses and bottles, saucepans and kitchen utensils, must be bought; but almost all the really necessary things for housekeeping can be made at home.
One advantage of making the dolls' house yourself is that you can arrange for it to have a garden, a provision rarely made by toy-shops. Grass plots can be made of green baize or other cloth of the right colour ; garden paths of sand sprinkled over gum, or of strips of sand-paper; flower-beds of brown paper, and the flowers of tissue-paper and wire. A summer-house, and a dog-kennel to hold a china dog, might also be added (see p. 197), and, if you have room, stables.
Garden seats and tables can be made of cardboard and cork. For a seat, take a card two or three inches long and not quite as broad. Mark it right across, lengthwise, in the middle with a sharp knife, and then half fold it. This will make the back and seat. Gum, or seccotine, the seat to four slender corks for legs and paint the whole green. To make a table, gum or press four cork legs to a strong piece of cardboard.
A dolls' house can be made of almost any kind of box. For the simplest and smallest kind cigar boxes can be used, and the
Garden chairs and tables.
The house.
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