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180              What Shall We Do Now?
bought things. Square tables are of course easy to make (a cardboard-box lid on four legs is practically the whole thing), and there are other articles which, if you see your way to devise, are better made at home, instructions for which will be found as you read on ; but chairs and round tables and so forth are perhaps most satisfactory when they come from the toy-shop. Both in buying furniture and in making it, it is necessary always to remember the size of the rooms and of the dolls, and the size of whatever furniture you may already have, so as to keep every­thing in proportion.
Beds can be made of cardboard boxes of different sizes. The box turned upside down makes the bed itself, and the cover should
be fixed upright behind it for curtains to hang from. These curtains and the frill round the bed should be made of any thin material, such as muslin. The mattress, bolster, and pillows are best made of cotton-wool covered with muslin or calico. Sheets may be made also out of muslin ; pillow-cases should be edged with lace; for blankets you use flannel, button-hole-stitched round with coloured silk or wool, and the quilt will look
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