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What Shall We Do Now?                183
home carefully she will see how many things can be copied There will be cushions to make, fancy table-cloths for differenl tables, toilet-covers and towels for the bedroom, splashers to gc behind washstands, mats in front of them, and roll-towels and kitchen cloths for the kitchen.
Everything should be made of the thinnest and finest material cut with the greatest care and sewn with the tiniest stitches Light and dainty colours are best for a dolls' house. If you have several rooms, it is a good plan to have a pink room, a blue room a yellow room, and in each room to have everything of different shades of that colour and white. Perhaps no material is so useful to the owner of a dolls' house as art muslin. It is soft, cheap, and very pretty.
Coming to other furniture which can be made at home, we find screens (made of cardboard and scraps), music for the piano, walking-sticks, flowers (made of coloured tissue-paper and wire), flower-pots (made of corks covered with red paper), cupboards to keep linen and glass in (made out of small cardboard boxes, fitted with shelves), and many other little things which, if you look round your own home carefully, will be suggested to you. Even bicycles can be imitated in cardboard and placed in the hall.
As to dolls, the more the merrier. They are so cheap and can be dressed so easily that it seems a great pity not to have a large family and a larger circle of friends who will occasionally visit them. There must be a father and a mother, a baby and some children, servants (in stiff print dresses with caps and aprons), and certainly a bride, who, if her dress cannot be changed for an ordinary one, ought to be kept carefully hidden, except when there is a wedding.
It is rather difficult to dress these tiny dolls so that their clothes will take off and on, but it is much better to do so if possible. In any case they can have capes and hats which take off. The thinnest materials make the best under-clotnes, but stiff material for dresses makes it possible to stand the dolls up.
Dressing dolls.
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