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What Shall We Do Now?
Dolls' dinnet parties.
Glove buttons, and the narrowest ribbons, tapes, and laces, are useful things to have when you are dressing dolls'-house dolls.
Dolls occasionally require parties. The food may be real or imitation. If real,—such as currants and raisins, sugar and candied peel,—it is more amusing at the moment; but if imitation, you have a longer time of interest in making it. Get a little flour, and mix it with salt and water into a stiff paste, like clay. Then mould it to resemble a round of beef, a chicken, a leg of mutton, potatoes, pies, or whatever you want, and stand it in front of the fire to dry. When dry, paint (in water-colour) to resemble these things still more. If there is clay in the garden, you can make all these things from that, and many others too.
Just as people live not only in houses but in flats, so may there be dolls' flats as well as dolls' houses. A dolls' fiat consists of a board on which the outline of the rooms is made with single
Dolls' flats.
bricks. For example, a four-roomed fiat might
be arranged
like this—
To lay the bricks on a board is not necessary. They can be laid on the floor equally well, except that when you have done playing
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