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What Shall We Do Now?              185
you will have then to put them away again, whereas if placed on a board they can be left till next time. Nor is there any reason why the walls should not be higher than a single brick ; that is merely a matter of taste. Once the walls are ready the furniture and dolls can be put in in the ordinary way.
Smaller Dolls' Houses
So far we have been considering larger dolls' houses. But there are also smaller ones, which naturally require much smaller
Smaller dolls' houses
arm-chair, cork (see p. 186).
furniture. These dolls' houses can be made of cardboard (as de­scribed on p. 193 and on), or they can be merely small boxes—ever cigar boxes ; and the dolls and furniture in them can be, if you like, all paper, or made of materials in ways that are now suggested This furniture, if very neatly made, can be very successful, and it costs almost nothing. Plain pins will do quite well, although the fancy ones are much prettier. Velvet or thin cloth is best for the dining-room furniture ; silk for the drawing-room ; and some light-coloured cotton material for the bedrooms.
Cork and
match-box .furnit ure.
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