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Materials Beds.
188               What Shall We Do Now?
Bedroom Furniture
You will needó
Two large wooden match-boxes. Several corks of different sizes.
Some pieces of chintz, of cotton material, flannel, linen, American cloth, and a little cotton-wool. An empty walnut shell.
Several wooden matches with the heads taken off. Pins of different sizes.
Wool, silk or tinsel, for the backs of the chairs. A tube of seccotine or some very strong gum.
To make a bed, take the inside of a match-box and cut away the bottom of it. Then take two matches and gum them to the two corners at the head of the bed so that a portion sticks out
below the bed for legs and above the bed for a railing. Cut two more matches to the same length as these others, less the part of them that serves for legs, and fasten these at equal distances from each other and from the two others already gummed in position. Along the top of these place another match for a rail, and the head of the bed is done. For the foot of the bed repeat these
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