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What Shall We Do Now?              189
operations exactly, except that all the upright matches must be a little shorter. Then cut off one end of the bottom of the box and fit it in to form the part of the bed that takes the mattress. It can be fastened in with stamp-paper. The bedstead, when made, should be like the one in the accompanying picture. A little mattress must now be made to fit the bed exactly ; it can be stuffed with cotton-wool or bran. A pillow, blankets, sheets, and a fancy coverlet may also be made, and a very thin and tiny frill should be put right round the bed to hide the box.
match-box washstand (see below).
A very pretty baby's cradle can be made out of half a walnut shell. It should be lined, and curtains should be hung from a match fastened upright at one end of the shell.
The outside of the same match-box that was used for the Dressing* bed will make a dressing-table. Stand it up on either of its tables. striking sides, and gum or sew a piece of light-coloured thin material all round it, and then over this put a muslin frill. Make a little white cloth to lay on the top of the table. The looking-glass is made by fixing a square of silver paper in a cardboard frame.
Take the inside of another match-box and stand it up on one Wash-hand of its sides. Then take five or six matches and cut them to stands. that length which, when they are gummed in an upright row at
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