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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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190               What Shall We Do Now?
equal distances apart to the back of the match-box, will cause them to stand up above the top of it about a third of an inch. On the tops of them then lay another match to make a little railing. Cover the box as you did the dressing-table. Put a little mat of American cloth on the top of the box, and
TOWEL-HORSE.                                                             CLOTHES-BASKET.
make another large one to lay in front of it. Proper jugs and basins will, of course, have to be bought, but an acorn cup or small shell makes a very good toy basin.
Wardrobes.            The wardrobe is made by standing the inside of a match-box
on end, fixing inside several little pegs made of small pieces of match stuck in with seccotine, and hanging two little curtains in front of it. If, when done, it seems too low, it may be raised on four little corks.
Towel-horse. A towel-horse can easily be made with six long pins and two small pieces of cork.
Clothes-                 To make a clothes-basket, take a round piece of cork about
basket.            a qUarter of an inch thick and stick pins closely together all round
it, as in the aoove picture. Then weave wool in and out of them.
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