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What Shall We Do Now?
close to the pencilled line will make your knife cut straight. The bars across the windows can be made of strips of paper gummed on afterwards. If the doors have a tiny piece shaved off each of the cut sides, they will open and shut easily.
To make the front door open well, outwards, the hinge line of the door (KK) should be half cut through on the inside. The hinge can be strengthened by gumming a narrow strip of paper or linen along it. At the three points marked G make small slits through which to put the tags, also marked G, of the partition wall.
All drawing and painting must be done on both sides while the house is still fiat. The doors inside will need handles and keyholes. Small pieces of mica can be gummed over the windows instead of glass.
Little curtains of crinkly tissue-paper can also be made, and, if you like, the walls can easily be papered with coloured paper pasted on. This will cause some delay, however, for it must be well pressed. Instead, wall-paper patterns could be painted on.
Outside—that is, on the underside of the cardboard—there is a great deal to do. Both walls and roof can be painted, and tiles, bricks, and creepers imitated. The front door should have a knocker and a letter-box, and around both the door and the windows should be imitation framework. As the upright joints of the four walls will be made of stamp-paper or linen painted to imitate brick-work or stone-work, you need not carry the painting of the walls quite to the edges, because these will be covered by the joints. It is best to paint the joints before you stick them on.
Before turning the card over again, run ycur knife along the four sides of the floor to assist the bending up of the walls. Do not on any account cut through ; merely make a half cut.
When you have drawn and painted all you can think of to make the house complete and pretty, take your strips of stamp-paper or linen, for the fastening of the walls, crease them in half, lengthwise, and gum one half to the outside of the edge of the
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