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196              What Shall We Do Now?
walls marked CB and DE in the plan. When this is quite dry, bend the back wall and the two side walls up, and gum the free sides of the strips to the wall marked AB and EF, holding the walls firmly together until well stuck. Strengthen the fold LM, which has to serve as a hinge for the front of the house, with a strip of linen gummed underneath. The sides of the front wall must remain unattached, as that forms the opening. It can be kept closed by a strong pin slipped through the roof.
The partition.
Now for the partition. Put the three tags G G G through the slits H H H and gum them firmly down on the outside. (These will have to be touched up with paint.) The roof must then be put on. Cut out a slit N an inch long to fit the tag on the parti­tion, also marked N. Run your knife along the dotted line under­neath, and fold it to the necessary angle to fit the sloping walls. Where the roof touches the end walls it must be fastened on with strips of linen or paper, which have been folded in the same way as before and one half fastened securely to the walls. It is important to let it get quite dry before gumming the other half to the roof.
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