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The chimney.
The garden.
Another way.
198              What Shall We Do Now?
The chimney, of which the illustration is the actual size, is the last thing to be made. First paint, and then fold the two side pieces downwards, cut out the three little holes and put into them three chimneys, made by folding small pieces of paper, painted red, round a penholder, and gumming their edges together. The chimney is fixed to the sloping roof with very small pieces of gummed paper. Remember that all the pieces of paper used as fastening ought to be touched up with paint. The chimney in the drawing of the complete house on page 196 is put at the side of the roof, but it may even better go in the middle.
The cottage can then be fixed to a piece of wood or paste­board, to form its garden and add to convenience in moving it about. A cardboard fence and gate can be cut out and painted green. A path to the front door is made by covering a narrow space of the cardboard with very thin gum over which, while it is wet, sand is sprinkled to imitate gravel. Moss will do for evergreens, and grass plots can be made of green cloth. A summer-house, garden chairs and tables are easily cut out of cardboard. So also are a rabbit-hutch, pump, dove-cot, and dog-kennel. A plan of a dog-kennel, actual size, is given.
It is, of course, possible to make a house of several pieces instead of one. The walls and floors can be made separately and joined with linen strips ; but this adds to the difficulty of the work and causes the house to be less steady. Cardboard houses can also be made with two floors.
Paper Furniture
Everything required for the furnishing and peopling of a cardboard dolls' house can be made of paper ; and if coloured at all cleverly the furniture will appear to be as solid as that of wood. After cutting out and joining together one or two of the models given in the pages that follow, and thus learning the principle on which paper furniture is made, you will be able to
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