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Tissue-paper dresses.
Other paper dolls.
216               What Shall We Do Now?
through. The illustrations on pp. 214 and 215 should make everything clear.
Dresses can also be made of crinkly tissue-paper gummed to a foundation of plain notepaper. Frills, flounces, and sashes are easily imitated in this material, and if the colours are well chosen the result is very pretty.
Simpler and absolutely symmetrical paper dolls are made by cutting them out of folded paper, so that the fold runs right
Walking dolls.
Rows of paper dolls.
down the middle of the doll. By folding many pieces of paper together, one can cut out many dolls at once.
Walking ladies are made in that way ; but they must have long skirts and no feet, and when finished a cut is made in the skirt—as in the picture—and the framework thus produced is bent back. When the doll is placed on the table and gently blown it will move gracefully along.
To make a row of paper dolls, take a piece of paper the height that the dolls are to be, and fold it alternately backwards and forwards (first one side and then the other) leaving about an inch
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