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Postage-stamp snakes.
226              What Shall We Do Now?
Old English stamps can be used for making snakes. There is no need to soak the stamps off the envelope paper: they must merely be cut out cleanly and threaded together. A big snake takes about 4000 stamps. The head is made of black velvet stuffed with cotton wool, and beads serve for eyes. A tongue of red flannel can be added.
Postmarks are also collected, although to have a complete collection would be almost, if not quite, impossible. That, however, need not stop you. In pasting them in an album the English ones are usually arranged in counties ; or they may be arranged in groups according to the railways which run to them. Thus a Weybridge postmark would go into the L. and S.W.R. division, an East Grinstead into the L.B. and S.C.R., a Colchester into the G.E.R., and so on. Another treatment of postmarks is to buy or make a large map of England and on the site of every important town paste its postmark.
If you have a fret saw, and can use it cleverly, you can make at home as good a puzzle as any that can be bought. The first thing to do is to select a good coloured picture, such as the Christmas number of the Graphic always has, and then to procure from a carpenter a thin mahogany board of the same size. Mahogany is not absolutely necessary, but it must be some wood that is both soft and tough. Deal, for instance, is useless because it is not tough, and oak is useless because it is not soft. On this wood you stick the picture very firmly, using weak glue in preference to paste or gum. When it is quite dry you cut it up into the most difficult fragments that you can. It is best to cut out the border so that each piece locks into the next. This will then be put together first by the player and will serve to hold the picture together. After the puzzle is cut up it is well to varnish each piece with paper varnish, which keeps it clean and preserves it.
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