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What Shall We Do Now?             231
other form of embroidery. Perhaps the favourite use to which beads are now put is in the making of napkin-rings. Bead-flowers are made by threading beads on wire and bending them to the required shapes. Boxes of materials are sold in toy-shops. Another interesting occupation lately introduced into toy-shops is cane-weaving, the nature of which is described in a little book by Miss Lucy R. Latter, published by Pitman.
" Post Office" is a device for providing the family with a sure supply of letters. The first thing to do is to appoint a post­master and fix upon the positions for the letter-boxes. Perhaps one will be in the nursery, one in the garden, one in a corner of the hall. You then write letters to each other and to any one in the house, and post them where you like ; and at regular times the postmaster collects them and delivers them.
In "The Home Newspaper," the first thing to do is to decide on which of you will edit it. As the editor usually has to copy all the contributions into the exercise-book, it is well that a good writer should be chosen. Then you want a good title. It is better if the contributors are given each a department, because that will make the work more simple. Each number should have a story and some poetry. Home newspapers, as a rule, come out once a month. Once a week is too often to keep up. There is a good description of one in a book by E. Nesbit, called The Treasure-Seekers.
Paper and Cardboard Toys
To make a cocked hat, take a sheet of stiff paper and double it. Then fold over each of the doubled corners until they meet in the middle. The paper will then resemble Fig. I on p. 230. Then fold AB AB over the doubled corners ; fold the corresponding strip of paper at the back to balance it, and the cocked hat is ready to be worn. If it is to be used in charades, it is well to pin it here and there to make it secure.
Post office.
The home newspaper,
A cocked hat.
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