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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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A dancing man.
236              What Shall We Do Now?
being gently slipped along, used to be more common than they now are.
Directions how to make many other paper things will be found on pp. 198-217.
The accompanying picture will show how a dancing man is made to dance. You hold him between the finger and thumb,
Hand dragons.
A DANCING MAN (back view).
one on each side of his waist, and pull the string. The hinges for the arms and legs, which are made of cardboard, can be made of bent pins or little pieces of string knotted on each side.
All the apparatus needed for a " Hand Dragon " consists of a little cardboard thimble or finger-stall, on which the features of a dragon have been drawn in pen and ink or colour. This is then slipped over the top of the middle finger, so that the hand becomes its body and the other fingers and thumb its legs.
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