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What Shall We Do Now.-'             237
With the exercise of very little ingenuity in the movement of the fingers, the dragon can be made to seem very much alive. The accompanying picture should explain everything.
The fashioning of people and animals from scraps of velvet gummed on cardboard was a pleasant occupation which interested our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers when they were children many years ago. Photographs of two of these pretty figures are given. In the boy and St. Bernard (on p. 238), the boy's head, hands, collar, and pantaloons, and the dog, are made of white velvet painted. The boy's tunic is black velvet, and its belt a strip of red paper. The dog's eye is a black pin-head. The whole is mounted on a wooden stand with wooden supports at the back, one running up to the boy's head and the other to the tip of the dog's tail. In the case of the girl on the pony (on p. 239), the pony is of black velvet, and the girl of white velvet painted. The girl's hat is a piece of cardboard, her collar a piece of lace, the saddle a piece of paper, and the reins a piece of thread. With some scraps of white and black velvet, and a little patience and ingenuity, one could make all the animals on a farm and many in the Zoo.
Velvet animals.
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