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A Book Of Suggestions For Children's Games And Employments.

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What Shall We Do Now?
along the bottom, these making the boat's stem-post. Next turn to the top again, and make a line, similar to the dotted line CC in Fig. 1, about three-eighths of an inch inside the outline of the boat, and then carefully hollow out with a gouge everything inside this dotted line. It must be very carefully done ; it is better, indeed, to err on the side of not hollowing her out enough, and then a little more can be removed afterwards. Next shape
the outside, first with a saw and then with a chisel, again using the utmost care. Try to give her a fine bow, or " entry," and a good clean stern, or " run." If the boat were cut in two crossways in the middle, the section ought to resemble that in Fig. 2. This flat " floor " will be graduated away to nothing at bow and stern. Next fix on the lead keel (see K in Fig. 3), which should be a quarter of an inch thick, a quarter of an inch deep at the bow, and three-quarters at the stern, fastened on with four long thin
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